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    1. ‘The Crown’ Abandons Plan to CGI Olivia Colman’s Eyes in Season 3

      ‘The Crown’ Abandons Plan to CGI Olivia Colman’s Eyes in Season 3
      The casting of Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown” Season 3 has caused something of a continuity controversy given the Oscar-winning actress has brown eyes. Claire Foy, who played the character in the first two seasons of the Netflix smash hit, has blue eyes, correctly matching the color of the real Queen Elizabeth II. Netflix’s first look images for “The Crown” Season 3 confirmed Colman was keeping her brown eye color in the role, but that doesn’t mean the production didn’t try to maintain eye color continuity.

      The Crown” director Ben Caron told The Guardian in a recent interview that the production first tried to use blue contact lenses on Colman to get her to match both Foy and the real Queen Elizabeth II. The problem was that the contact lenses got in the way of Colman’s acting. Caron said it felt as if Colman “was acting behind a mask…
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