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        (2019– )

        Parents Guide

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        Sex & Nudity

        • No nudity. A few very mild sex scenes implied, either under sheets or clothed.
        • Very brief sex scenes, no nudity

        Violence & Gore


        • Severe profanity. Several uses of the Fuck, Cunt, Bitch, etc. in all episodes.
        • Characters use the word twat more than once throughout the entire show.

        Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

        • Jen drinks wine in almost every episode.
        • One of the characters smokes an occasional cigarette.

        Frightening & Intense Scenes


        The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

        Violence & Gore

        • A man is shot off screen. We see his bloodied body in a pool afterwards.

        Frightening & Intense Scenes

        • The hit and run incident is replayed in most episodes.

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