You've Seen the Movie, Now Play the Game

              Movies based on video games are famously bad, but some of our favourite video games are adapted from films and TV series. Load up our top selections from over the years. Find more video game content at Gamepedia.

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              Photos We Love From Our Favorite Video Games

              Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games.

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              Video Game Cosplayers We Love

              From Mercy and Geralt of Rivia to Aloy, check out some of our favorite cosplayers who put their unique twist on video game characters.

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              "State of Decay 2": Coach & Nurse Video Diaries

              Society collapsed. The dead rose. A former basketball coach and a community nurse must inspire their community and find the strength to protect their people at all costs.

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              Zombies Through the Years

              There's just something about zombies that movie and TV audiences can't get enough of. Take a look back at some memorable zombie-related titles.

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              From Console to Big Screen: Video Game Movies

              Love Ready Player One? Ride the wave with these video game stories that jumped from your family room to your local cinema.

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              12 Famous Actors Who Voiced Video Game Characters

              Although known primarily for their TV and film roles, these actors possess voices you may recognize from "Dragon Age: Origins," "Call of Duty," "Assassin's Creed," and more.

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              Josh Gad: Favorite Movies Inspired by Video Games

              According to Josh Gad, "Any discussion of great arcade-centric movies begins and ends with the Tron movies and Wreck-It Ralph." Check out more of Gad's favorite video games.

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